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Welcome to Lucy's Little Bears


I was taught how to make Granny Squares by my Mum when I was little, having watched fascinated as she made the blankets many times from the scraps of yarn from her knitting, and for a while it interested me and I made blankets for many of my teddies, but it didn't keep me for long and I was onto the next hobby.

At fifteen, I discovered a book of crochet animals and had to teach myself, the one stitch my family collectively knew wasn't the right one, so I used the book I made some animals (although they on occasion came out as vegetables, who knows how?).

Ten years later, I'm still crocheting and have even learnt to make my own patterns (and nothing comes out looking like vegetables, thankfully!).

Little Blue Bear

I'm a big kid at heart and I love making teddies and have a couple of my own too, this picture to the left is one of them, Blue Bear. You'll see her on Facebook and Instagram out and about on holidays with me, and I'm sure with more friends as they're made.

Much Love,

Lucy x

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